There's one inbound and one outbound track serving this yard, with the center track used as the switch lead. Classification has eight tracks and there are three outbound staging tracks.

The lead to the engine facilites also circles the yard (a balloon track) allowing for the turning of any equipment.

All the track has been put down in the upper yard. Push rods for the turnouts will be installed at a later date. All tracks have electrical drops which go to the power bus running under the benchwork. The balloon track will be fed from a reverser. The test runs so far are good.

Rail painting will be (may be) done before other scenic details begin. I'm just not sure if the rail painting is worth the effort.

Above left you can see the overall yard and engine facilites which will be on the upper left side. The photos
to the left and above shows the inbound and outbound tracks with the switching lead in the center.

Plans are to have the area to the right (in photo to the left) raised about two to three inches with businesses and industry. Plenty of room here for switching.

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